11.22.11 Louis Durra “Tangled Up In Blue” EP » Lot 50

Lot 50 New Release
Louis Durra
Tangled Up In Blue

Louis has developed a painstaking way of immersing in the music he performs:

“I’m mostly acquiring repertoire from recordings of groups, focusing on the vocals. I much prefer absorbing music from recordings. There are too many subtle notes-and-rhythms choices great vocalists make, that are really part of the interest of the song for me. I also want to convey, or at least be aware of, the sounds of great ensembles. I do a lot to personalize a song, but I’d rather start from the Beatles’ recording, than from someone else’s interpretation of what happened.”

“I usually sit in bed and transcribe with pencil and manuscript, one hand cueing playback on a laptop. Transcribing itself has become a form of practice for me. It’s great ear-training, and I’m writing out the notes and rhythms of great performers.”

“As a bandleader, I give a lot of thought to what to put in a chart for musicians. I work on conveying musical direction organically through listening and playing rather than words or notation. I often give the musicians the melodies written in detail, but only simple chord symbols and very few written lines for drums and bass. I’d rather let listening and interaction lead us. Often I’m “leading upside down” — playing the melody so as to make the cymbals sound good, or voicing in ways flattering to the bass. One of the results has been great loyalty from the musicians.”

“Many jazz musicians have been brought to a halt by tunes that spend a lot of time on just a couple of chords. I do a lot of “solo and melody at the same time” – cutting back and forth between as-written and new lines, playing the melody with counter-lines or passing voicings. I consider ideas outside the key a good deal. Many of the logical “jazz reharms” are not of interest for me because they’ve been around for decades… I’m currently drawn to having one or more voices travel outside of the key smoothly or abruptly to create interest, emotion. I see unexplored possibilities for being true to the song and being creative at the same time. These things have developed based on what I’m hearing in the songs themselves, not arrived at theoretically. I think I’m done with choices based on anything other than pure sound.”


Produced by: Louis Durra

DJ Rob Swift

Album Photo + Design by: Kio Griffith

Louis Durra website

11.11.11 Dwight Trible “Cosmic” CD » Katalyst Entertainment

Katalyst Entertainment New Release
Dwight Trible

A spiritually resonant soul jazz gem from truly great vocalist Dwight Trible – whose handful of albums to his own name and his work with the Build An Ark collective and Life Force Trio have all been timeless, passionate and inventive – and this effort on the Katalyst label is as deep and rewarding as any of it! Cosmic reminds us of everything we loved about Dwight’s Living Water album a few years back, and this one may be even stronger. His yearning, soaring, soul shaking voice is stunning as always, and both the originals and the unique takes on the more spiritual material of legends such as Duke Ellington, Nina Simone and others is really great. He’s backed by stellar group of musicians that includes drummer Dexter Story, bassist Trevor Ware, percussionist Munyungo Jackson, John Beasley on piano and organ, George Harper on tenor sax and others. Includes “Speak To Us Of Love”, “I’ve Known Rivers”, Ellington’s “In The Beginning GOD”, “Love Is Forever”, “Little Afrika”, “Algeriangeles”, Simone’s “Hyku For Peace/Come Ye”, “It’s All About Love” and glorious, soul jazz take on the Five Stairsteps soul classic “Ooh Child”.

“Cosmic” is the long awaited recording by Dwight Trible, one of the most prolific vocalists of the time. This recording is the follow up to his critically acclaimed “Living Water” which made a big impression throughout the world. On Cosmic, Dwight brings an A-list cast of characters to bring forth his heartfelt expressions of love for human kind and for love itself. Musicians like Grammy nominee John Beasley and long time collaborator Munyungo Jackson help create the Cosmic landscape. Also noted are appearances by Kenneth Crouch, Trevor Ware, Dexter Story, George Harper, Kamau Daaood, Peter Jacobson, and Justo Almario. With a cast like this it is easy to imagine all of the musical territory covered in this recording.


Produced & Arranged by: Dwight Trible
Co Producer: Dexter Story

Track 6 Produced By Munyungo Jackson and Djamel Laroussi

Recorded at:
The Bomb Shelter LosAngeles CA [Engineer Benjamin Tierney]
Company Studio Glendale CA [Engineer Be Hussey]
No-Sound Pasadena CA [Engineer Nolan Shaheed]

Mastered by:
Erick Labson at Universal Mastering
Knob World LosAngeles CA.:Engineer Jim Lang
The Jazz Bakery Culver City CA: Engineer Wayne Peet

Mixed by: Benjamin Tierney, Dexter Story, ICed, Wayne Peet, Be Hussey

Album Art + Design by: Kio Griffith

Dwight Trible website

Katalyst Entertainment website