2.15.12 Gavin Templeton “Asterperious Special” » Ninewinds

Ninewinds New Release
Gavin Templeton
Asterperious Special

GAVIN TEMPLETON   alto saxophone

My grandpa served as a navigator in the US Air Corps during WWII in the South Pacific. At 26 years old, he was the oldest crew member aboard his B24 bomber, Asterperious Special.

The crew went out on a number of routine missions that I can only imagine as terrifying. Many times they flew blind in the clouds to avoid being spotted. Among the obvious responsibilities as a navigator – getting from point A to point B and back – Grandpa had to make sure that they didn’t collide with obstacles, including mountains.
Apparently, their topographical maps contained inaccuracies and couldn’t be taken as gospel. On one of their missions, Grandpa looked at the map, felt that something wasn’t right and told the pilot to gain altitude immediately. The pilot agreed and within seconds after ascending, they peered down and saw the peaks of trees protruding from the clouds just yards beneath them. They had run up against a mountain range that wasn’t marked properly on their map.
Grandpa’s last mission ended in a firefight with a handful of Japanese Zeros. Their nose gunner, and close friend of his, was seriously wounded. Grandpa pulled him out of the nose, helped treat his wounds as best he could, and then took over as gunner. Grandpa returned from the mission severely injured. 

His crew went out on three more missions without him, and on their third bombing run they didn’t return. My dad told me all that I know about what Grandpa did – like most of those in his generation who fought in WWII, he didn’t want to talk much about it. – Gavin Templeton

All music is composed by: Gavin Templeton (ASCAP)

Recorded at Roy O. Disney Music Hall in Valencia CA  on January 8, 2010

Sound Engineered by: John Baffa, courtesy of TV Tray Studios

Mixed by: John Baffa at TV Tray studios

Mastered by: Ron McMaster at Capitol Mastering

Album Art + Design by:  Kio Griffith

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2.14.12 Daren Burns “Fear Is Not The Natural State of Civilized People” » Urban Nerds Records

Urban Nerds Records New Release
Daren Burns
Fear Is Not The Natural State of Civilized People

DAREN BURNS   fretless bass/compositions

The title of this CD is a quote from the Burmese political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi (who was recently released again; for how long, we’ll have to see) and the music is my comment on the US post 9/11. As We have been running scared for now over eleven years, and seem willing to give up our most important and basic freedoms based only on fear, I say that maybe it’s time we looked at some of the true heroes of the world, some of them peaceful others violent; who stood up, with 100% of their total energy and focus for what they believed in while paying greatly with their own personal costs. Blindly and foolishly giving up constitutional rights for the illusion of safety is not the answer.

This recording is dedicated to Goyathlay (Geronimo) the great Apache leader, Gandhi the Indian revolutionary, Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese political prisoner, Fela Kuti the Nigerian fighter of governmental corruption, and anyone else who believes that life based on fear is not an option.

Music Is the Weapon.


Produced by: Daren Burns

Recorded 06-23-09, Mixed 09-15 & 11-24-09 at Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Wayne Peet

Album Art + Design by:  Kio Griffith

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