4.20.12 Jim McAuley “Gongfarmer 36” » Long Song Records

Long Song Records New Release
Jim McAuley
Gongfarmer 36

These ten tracks were compiled from live performances, home practice tapes, alternate takes from my previous solo album and more recent studio recordings.  With the exception of “Saltarello” (a Renaissance dance tune by Vincenzo Galilei), all the music is improvised. Some are totally spontaneous, others are loosely structured around invented tunings and short melodic ideas.  No editing, overdubbing, or electronic enhancements were employed—just acoustic guitars plus some accessories (slides, picks, capos, tuning forks, etc) used as implements or for “preparations”.

This project was a joyful experience for me due to the involvement of some truly remarkable and creative friends:  Scott, Kio, David, Steve, and of course the ever-enthusiastic and endlessly patient Fabrizio.  This album would never have happened without their generous contributions.  Special thanks as well to nika, Mary MacQueen and Nels Cline whose loving support continue to inspire and sustain my musical life.

– Jim McAuley,  Los Angeles   3/10/12


All compositions (except “Saltarello”) by Jim McAuley

© 2012 Gongfarmer Music, Los Angeles

Executive Producer:  Fabrizio Perissinotto

Producer:  Scott Fraser

Mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at Newmastering Studio, Milano, Italy

Photography [Jim McAuley portrait] by: Steve Elkins

Photography [landscapes, strings and silhouettes] by: Kio Griffith

Album Art + Design by:  Kio Griffith


Long Song Records website

4.15.12 Louis Durra “Rocket Science” » Lot 50

Lot 50 New Release
Louis Durra
Rocket Science

Durra has traveled a sharp-angled creative path: experimental theatre in Iceland and Scotland, tours with (ex-Captain Beefheart) guitarist Moris Tepper, sound effects for kickboxing movies, dance tours in Russia and Kazakhstan. Then The Best of All Possible Worlds, which highlighted his Dylan, Radiohead and Alanis Morrisette interpretations and included a track featuring DJ Rob Swift, took a trick with America’s jazz radio stations and became particularly popular with college radio programmers, leading to Durra becoming a top five hit in June 2012.

Rocket Science continues Durra’s forward momentum, featuring further adaptations, this time including the White Stripes’ The Hardest Button to Button, Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City and popular Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

A previous visitor to Edinburgh, Durra’s affiliation to Scotland was underlined by a successful three-week run at the city’s Fringe festival in August 2011, where he earned four and five star reviews and won The Herald newspaper’s coveted Angel Award for excellence. Rocket Science was launched during Durra’s return residency at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh.


LARRY STEEN bass [tracks 1 and 7]

Produced by: Louis Durra
Recorded + mixed by Talley Sherwood at Tritone Recording, Glendale, CA
Mastered by Scott Fraser at Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
Album Art + Design by: Kio Griffith

Louis Durra website