2.12.13 Daniel Rosenboom’s “Book Of Omens” » Ninewinds

Ninewinds New Release
Daniel Rosenboom’s
Book Of Omens


DANIEL ROSENBOOM – trumpet + flugelhorn
VINNY GOLIA – tenor saxophone, contralto clarinet + alto flute
JAKE VOSSLER – electric guitar
TIM LEFEBVRE – electric bass + FX


Recorded on March 30th, 2012 at Kingsize Soundlabs, Los Angeles, CA.

Produced by Daniel Rosenboom

Sound Engineered by John Baffa

Mixed and Mastered by John Baffa and Daniel Rosenboom at TV Tray Studios, Simi Valley, CA.

Album Art + Design by: Kio Griffith

All music © Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP), 2013. All rights reserved.

Daniel Rosenboom website
Ninewinds website

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