4.27.13 Richard Sears Trio “Volume One ~ Los Gatos 2012”

New Release
Richard Sears Trio
volume one ~ Los Gatos 2012


“These original compositions were developed over five years, drawing on impressions from time in Northern California, Los Angeles, and New York. In August 2012, we retreated to the peace and isolation of the Santa Cruz Mountains to record this album over a three day period. The sound of the recording, as well as the mood of our performance, were shaped by the large room where the recording took place, a vaulted redwood interior overlooking treetops and an expansive canyon. It is our pleasure to share this music with you and we hope it brings the same enjoyment that went into its creation.” – Richard Sears

1. Upenss
2. 23rd and Fig
3. Good Morning Rain
4. Neighbor Greg
5. Over the Hill
6. Radio Flyer
7. Upness – reprise


all compositions by Richard Sears

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Cressman

Album Art / Photo + Design by: Kio Griffith

Richard Sears website

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