6.16.13 Kitaro “Final Call” » Domo Music Group

Domo Music Group New Release
Final Call


I have always felt we all must respect the providence of the Universe.  Unfortunately, through the course of time and the growth of civilization, many living creatures that we now know will become extinct. If we don’t alter how we treat each other and our planet Earth, many habitats and portions of this earth may become devastated and eventually disappear.

After meeting Professor Shibata, at Kazan Observatory at Kyoto University, nature photographer Mr Toshio Ushiyama and the staff at Nagoya Science Museum, I had an epiphany of sorts. I began to recall the greatness of constellations, our solar system, galactic systems, the macrocosms that they create and the beauty of our planet Earth.

As in the story of Noah’s Ark, this album is the story of an epic voyage.  A voyage of hope that all living creatures can someday live happily in harmony with each other.

The story begins from where we board for departure.

Bon Voyage,



All songs composed, arranged and performed by Kitaro

Produced by Kitaro

Recorded by Kitaro & Timothy Beach at Mochi 2 Studio, Sebastopol CA
Engineered by Kitaro & Timothy Beach at Mochi 2 Studio, Sebastopol CA
Mixed by Kitaro at Mochi 2 Studios, Sebastopol CA
Mastered by Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotali CA

Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito

A&R : Dino Malito

Business & Legal : Howard Sapper

Management : Eiichi Naito, Dino Malito

Marketing & Promotions : Atsuko Mizuta, Mai Okuno

Album Art + Design: Kio Griffith / 9rpm.com

Special Thanks to: Meyer Sound Laboratories, Keiko Takahashi, Korg Japan, Korg U.S.A.,Kyoto University, Nagoya City Science Museum, Sugi Guitar, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, Maki-san, Kristin & Nao Kanda, Sushi Zanmai & AMU, all the staff at Domo Music Group, Kitaro’s friends and fans around the World.

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