7.5.13 Peter Erskine + Alan Pasqua + Dave Carpenter “Badlands” » Fuzzy Music

Fuzzy Music reissue new release
Peter Erskine / Alan Pasqua / Dave Carpenter



“It goes something like this: A moment of pregnant silence, then pianist Alan Pasqua starts to play, filling the room with gorgeous, delicate, intensely lyrical lines of an almost transcendent beauty. At some point, so gently that you may not be aware of it at first – maybe he’s been there all the time – Dave Carpenter joins in, his woody bass meshing so perfectly with Pasqua’s piano it’s hard to believe it’s two separate instruments. Then you realize Peter Erskine’s in there too, effortlessly coaxing more sounds from his drum kit than the laws of physics should allow. As the music ebbs and flows, you find yourself wondering who’s leading, but you quickly mark it as an exercise in futility; they all are, or none is. and anyway, what does it matter? And suddenly, as perfectly and mysteriously as it began, the music draws to a close, the room breathes a joyful sigh, applause breaks out and you go smiling off into the night, thinking that if human beings can communicate that deeply, can produce something that profoundly beautiful, maybe everything really is all right in the world.”

– Brandt Reiter, LA WEEKLY (First published 11/2001)


Recorded: August 7 & 8, 2001
at Puck Productions, Santa Monica, CA

Engineered by: Brian Risner
Mixed by: Rich Breen

Produced by: Peter Erskine
Co-Produced by: Alan Pasqua & Dave Carpenter
Mastering by: Rich Breen
Piano Technician: Keith Albright

Album Art + Design by: Kio Griffith

Fuzzy Music website

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