10.11.13 Daniel Szabo + Peter Erskine + Edwin Livingston “A Song From There” » dszabomusic

dzabomusic New Release
A Song From There



I first became aware of Dan while teaching at USC. Bob Mintzer had called and was raving about this guy Dan who had applied for graduate studies. Upon first hearing some of his music, I knew he was special. Things ultimately worked out, and Dan was able to attend school.  It was not only good for him, but also for all of our students as I soon found out that he was not only a great musician but also a great mentor as well.

Fast forward to present time when Dan called and asked me if I would craft liner notes for the CD. I did not hesitate for one moment, because before I had even listened to the recording, I knew it would not be a chore. Dan is a great pianist, and upon listening, the first word that comes to mind is clarity. He has a beautiful touch, and it seems as if there are no wasted notes. Everything has its purpose. It’s the same with his composition… Nothing ever seems out of place, everything is there for a reason. This is not background music by any means. Yet, there is a certain atmosphere about the recording… one of a calm, transportive nature. Dan’s music demands your attention without beating you over the head or intimidating you. It’ ever so subtly gets under your skin, and before long, you will find yourself dropping everything and giving it the full, undivided attention, which it deserves.

Hats off to Dan Szabo for making a beautiful, honest and creative musical statement.

Alan Pasqua
July, 2013


Produced by Daniel Szabo
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Talley Sherwood
Album Art + Design by:  Kio Griffith

Daniel Szabo  website

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