12.29.13 Radio Caroline: a film by Hans Fjellestad

SpeakEasy Films production
2014 Release schedule
a film by Hans Fjellestad


Radio Caroline [2014]

Directed by Hans Fjellestad

Written by Hans Fjellestad


Mick Fleetwood
Nick Mason
Roger McGuinn
Johnnie Walker
Ian Ross
Peter Moore
Bob Lawrence
Peter Chicago
Stewart Payne
Roger Day
Johnny Lewis
Tom Lodge
Dave Richards
Christopher Moore
Robb Eden

Produced by
Greg Colton executive producer
Joe Mundo producer
Nigel Pearson executive producer
Mike Plumley co-producer
Jason Sallee line producer
Jamie Talbot producer
Mike Witherill producer

Music by G.E. Stinson

Art Direction by Kio Griffith

Music Department
Julie Sessing music supervisor

Other crew
Jon Myer research consultant

filming in
London, England, UK
Dublin, Ireland
Los Angeles, California, USA

Radio Caroline documentary Facebook page

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