4.24.15 Mon David “This Is All I Ask” » Dash Hoffman

Dash Hoffman New Release
This Is All I Ask


MON DAVID  vocals (all tracks)
THEO SAUNDERS  piano (all tracks except 4,5,6,7)
TREVOR WARE  bass (tracks 2,3,8,9,10)
STEVE HASS  drums (tracks 2,3,8,9,10)
ZANE MUSA  sax (tracks 2,8,10)
TATENG KATINDIG  piano (tracks 4,5,6,7)
DOMINIC THIROUX  bass (tracks 4,5,6,7)
ABE LAGRIMAS  drums (tracks 4,5,6,7)
NOLAN SHAHEED  trumpet (track 5)


This Is All I Ask
A Tree And Me
The Windmills
If I Ruled
Love Abounds

I’m impressed with Mon David!  To me, he’s jazz and human royalty! Mon is a warm and wonderful human being, who cherishes family, friends, learning situations, and humankind in general. And he is a truly great singer and musician.Musically, Mon is a quality adventurer.  His passion for what he sees, hears and sings is obvious.  This recording shows that and is the result of what has led him to this point in his life.This offering showing Mon’s diverse talents includes 6 standards/jazz compositions, 3 joint compositions, and 1 wonderful original with Filipino lyrics by Mon. Two brilliant trios joined by the great Nolan Shaheed on trumpet, and the late great young sax player Zane Musa. The trios are really enjoyable to listen to and combine with Mon perfectly. In the jazz world which is under-crowded with great male vocalists, Mon David is a welcome king!

—Cathy Segal-Garcia

” I had a wonderful time making this album and I’m happy to share with you songs that express my life long dreams, views  and aspirations as an artist , as a musician and human being. Included in this compilation are my collaborations ( Gratitude, Conviction ,Love Abounds ) with the amazing composer and pianist Theo Saunders and a Filipino composition of mine, ‘Bukas , Sisikat Ang Araw!’ ( Tomorrow, The Sun Will Rise! ) It was ‘pure joy’ creating and recording with some of the finest jazz cats in LA and probably in the whole planet! What a blessing it is to be in the world of music! My journey continues as i embrace life and jazz with ‘constant amazement ‘ and gratitude.”

( for Ann ) ” I’m blessed to have an executive producer whose faith in my musical vision never fades.She is also my lifetime journey-mate and to me she’s a ‘major label ‘ !  Love to you always, Shoogs…finally you got your song! ”

( for Theo ) ” I’m honored to have collaborated with the great composer and pianist Theo Saunders. Thank you brother for sharing your beautiful music  and for allowing me to use my ‘voice’ in your creations.”

( for Zane )  ” This compilation honors the beautiful musical legacy and inspiring spirit of young jazz icon– ‘sax player extra ordinaire’,  Zane Musa.”

Produced by Mon David
Recorded and Mixed by Nolan Shaheed, No Sound Studio, Pasadena ,CA, April-June 2014
Executive Producer Maria Concepcion David
Mon’s photo by Wanderlust Creatives
Album Art + Design by:  Kio Griffith

Human Connection * Dash Hoffman Records


All Rights Reserved © 2015 MDMusic

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