9.28.17 Andrea Hammond “As Long As Love Will Last”

As Long As Love Will Last

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.02.18 AM

Andrea Hammond  voice, violin
Gary Fukushima  piano, organ
Brian McLaughlin  drums, percussion
Colin Burgess  bass
Gary Lee  guitar
Bob Hammond  guitar on Don’t Tell Me
Nate Light  bass on Don’t Tell Me


1. Secret Place
2. As Long as Love Will Last
3. Great Escape
4. Come to the River
5. Don’t Tell Me
6. A Simpler Time
7. Faithful
8. You Know Me Well
9. Catching Chase


This album is built upon an affection for the Midwest, and for the music we played as a family when I was a girl. Some of the songs reflect my memories of home, while others reach beyond the music and thoughts I had then, exploring new rhythms and contemplations on the continuing themes of my life. 

Recorded by Nolan Shaheed at Nolan Shaheed’s Recording Studio 
“Don’t Tell Me” was recorded by Curt Piar at Proving Ground Studio
Mixed, Mastered, and additional recording by Miles Senzaki at Grandma’s Dojo Studio 
Produced by Gary Fukushima
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

©2017 Andrea Hammond

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