7.12.19 Jim McAuley & Scot Ray “Second Earth”

Second Earth

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 8.50.17 PM


Jim McAuley classical, 6-string, 12-string, high-strung Dobro, prepared parlor guitar

Scot Ray lap steel slide guitar, effects


This album documents an extraordinary February afternoon when two improvising guitarists met for the first time to record some music.  Nothing was planned or discussed in advance.  The resulting tracks are presented here in the order they were recorded, no edits, nothing added or deleted.

1. Second Earth

2. The Day Was Green

3. Household Deer

4. Future Memories

5. Outer Banks

6. Coruscations

7. Time’s Arrow

8. Henry Charles Marx

9. Lodestar

10. Intermodal

11. Here’s looking at Euclid


Recorded February 28, 2019, by Scot Ray.

Mixed and mastered by Wayne Peet at Killzone Studio

Special thanks to Fabrizio Perissinotto for his support and enthusiasm.

Album Artwork and Design by Kio Griffith


All tunes by Jim McAuley and Scot Ray

©2019 Gongfarmer Music (BMI)

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