6.25.21 Marcos & The Wild Machinations / Marcos & The Wild Machinations

Marcos & The Wild Machinations


Marcos Fernandes – vocals, guitar

Yoshiharu Hiramoto – bass

Sono Kaneko – vocals

Saiya Kawabe – drums

Mitsuru Kotaki – keyboards

Keikin Shu – guitar


1. City Lights 

2. Come Back 

3. House of Cards 

4. Time Has Come (For JT) 

6. Time Is Running Out (For JC) 

6. Demons of the Day         


Recorded between December 2020 and February 2021 at Gumbo Studio by Shinji Kawase. Additional recordings at West Valley House by Marcos Fernandes.

Mixed and mastered by Shinji Kawase.

Produced by Marcos Fernandes.

All songs written by Marcos Fernandes except Come Back by Marcos Fernandes and Elizabeth Levett-Fortier. Arranged by The Wild Machinations.

Album Artwork and Design by Kio Griffith.

Special thanks to Yuko Kitayama. 

Dedicated to the memory of James A. Wells.

© 2021 Accretions


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