9.25.18 Mc’n’ Mac “Beautie on the Waters”

Beautie on the Waters


Mary MacQueen vocals,  bass, guitar, recorders, animal sounds
Jim McAuley acoustic & elec. guitars, vocals, Megalyra
Alan Cook & Brafo Aginaton drums/perc
Wayne Peet B-3
Gongfarmer Collective (last track)
Jim & Mary, Alan Cook, Andrew Pask, Scott Fraser + Scott Walton
1. Birmingham Sunday
2. S’Ann An Ila
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. So Beauty on the Water Stood
5. Red Cross Store
6. Mo Nighean Donn Nam Meall-shuilean
7. To My Old Brown Earth
8. Saltarello
9. Anthem For Doomed Youth
10. So Beauty on the Water Stood (reprise)
Anthem for Doomed Youth
by Wilfred Owen
What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? 
      — Only the monstrous anger of the guns. 
      Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle 
Can patter out their hasty orisons. 
No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; 
      Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,— 
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells; 
      And bugles calling for them from sad shires. 
What candles may be held to speed them all? 
      Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes 
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes. 
Produced by Jim McAuley, Mary MacQueen and Wayne Peet
Executive Producer:  Fabrizio Perissinotto
Engineered & mixed  by Wayne Peet at Killzone Studios, Los Angeles
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

Mc’n’Mac is Jim McAuley and Mary MacQueen, two Los Angeles-based musicians whose music reflects their shared love of folk, blues, free improvisation and classical music. Their approach is intuitive and heartfelt, mercifully free of cynicism and irony. From Renaissance art songs to ’60’s protest, this is music that speaks directly to our contemporary lives with urgency and passion.

Mary MacQueen is a singer and virtuoso multi-instrumentalist (acoustic bass, recorders, guitar, whistling and animal sounds) with wide ranging experience as a performer, composer and teacher.
She was raised in a home filled with poetry, music, and games from around the world and devoid of television and commercial radio. From teen-age experiences in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, immersed in farming and Gaelic culture, to studies with contemporary bass master Bertram Turetzky and an MA in cross-cultural studies of Yoruba and Celtic music, she has continued to explore the connections and intersections of traditional music across different cultures and centuries. Her paintings and original compositions reveal her love of nature and commitment to the environment.

Jim McAuley began his musical life as a classical guitarist, but was soon seduced by the sound of finger-picked blues, folk and jazz. His original work combines these influences into a highly personal improvisational style. His previous Long Song release, “Gongfarmer 36”, was named by Acoustic Guitar Magazine as one of the top CD’s of 2012. The current album returns him to his 60’s roots.

Mary and Jim have been making music together for nearly a decade. Their joy in playing together is palpable, their synergistic bond amazing. After years of relative obscurity playing privately and in local venues, Long Song Records is proud to offer this beautiful music to a worldwide audience.

©2018 Mc’n’Mac

5.4.18 Dino Malito “Dino Malito”

Dino Malito

dino malito solo cd

Dino Malito electric + acoustic guitars, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer, shamisen

1. Great Voyage
2. Tienshan
3. Aurora
4. Silk Road
5. Utopia


All songs arranged, performed and produced by Dino Malito 
Recorded by Dino Malito at Orlando II, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Gennert
Executive Producer : Eiichi Naito
Marketing & Promotions : Atsuko Mizuta, Tomoko Kakimoto
Public Relations : Craig Melone / Hands On P.R.
Album Art + Design : Kio Griffith
Cover Painting + Photography : “Oil Spill #8” 2017 by Kio Griffith
Music composed by Kitaro

All songs published by Domo World Music Publishing (BMI)

©2018 Dino Malito


3.30.18 The Vinny Golia Sextet “Trajectory”



Vinny Golia bull roarer, zun, singing bowls, gongs & bells, bass drum, sopranino, Bb & G soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones, Eb flute, G, Eb & contra alto clarinets, fujara 
Gavin Templeton alto saxophone 
Daniel Rosenboom  Bb trumpet & flugelhorn 
Alexander Noice  electric guitar & pedals 
Miller Wrenn acoustic and electric bass 
Andrew Lessman drums & percussion 


1. T’semekwe (as real as any hoax can be)
2. OK Doctor Xavier I guess only women have …them (no not those we have them too…) – Take 1
3. Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (I knew some people like that once…)
4. Dr. Loomis Welcome Back To The Hospital
5. The Penabus (going to Leyte soon can you get me one)
6. Spaniard’s Dilemma which coffuire to choose – for John T… (no not him)
7. By The End Of The Day…
8. Ananaki (what they left…)
9. OK Doctor Xavier I guess only women have …them (no not those we have them too…) – Take 2
10. From The Piano Comes This… (All the colors of the rainbow – for Hugues)
11. Sparks or Dare..for Elizabeth or Eleanor (have you ever been to Roanoke)
12. Gift of the Nile
13. Just Like The Older Ones (A message from space…)
14. Modred’s Curse (Ares Vallis)
15. Night time messages (not exactly as planned but still ok…)
16. Well It’s a valuable appendage… Jack Burton has paid his dues the check is in the mail…

All compositions & arrangements by Vinny Golia 
© ninewinds BMI 2017 
Sound Engineered By John Baffa, Brotheryn Studio, Ojai California 
Mixed by John Baffa & Vinny Golia 
Mastered by John Baffa 
TV Tray Studios, Ventura, California 
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith
Cover photography by Kio Griffith
Band photography Lena Golia & Aubre Hill 
This project is a joint collaboration between Ninewinds Records and Orenda Records 
NWCD0343 / ORENDA0050 

©Ninewinds Records and Orenda Records, 2018 



For over a decade, The Vinny Golia Sextet has dedicated itself to the compositions of Los Angeles creative music legend and multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia. Juxtaposing composition with dynamic improvisation, Golia’s music engages the mind and the heart, and radiates an enigmatic spirit that has inspired generations of musicians. Trajectory presents an epic collection of music written and performed in every-evolving ways over the last 10+ years, and features an adventurous lineup that shines on Golia’s unique approach to modern jazz language. 

Golia’s reputation in the jazz world is sterling, but in Los Angeles he has also been a major driver of the creative music scene and mentor to several generations of musicians. Through his record label, Nine Winds Records, he has supported countless musicians’ visions at various points in their careers, and as a teacher he has influenced and guided developing artists in the pursuit their craft. The Vinny Golia Sextet features Vinny alongside 5 of his former students who have become prominent members of the Los Angeles jazz and creative music community. Saxophonist Gavin Templeton, trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, guitarist Alexander Noice, bassist Miller Wrenn, and drummer Andrew Lessman have a deep understanding of Golia’s complex compositional style, and bring intense vitality and strong individual personality to the music, as Golia leads the way. 

With roots in the visual arts, Vinny Golia approaches music in a highly colorful way, using swaths of instrumental timbres and motivic melodic elements in a modular way. Golia is well-known as a woodwind specialist, but on Trajectory he also showcases an array of unusual percussion to expand the album’s sonic palette. The mysterious whirring of the bull roarer that opens “Ts’emekwe (as real as any hoax can be?)” sets the tone before launching into the segmented phrases and driving rhythm that characterize Golia’s writing. The rhythm section is powerful and pointed throughout the record, accenting the angular lines, and propelling the improvisations with dynamic jazz-rock fire. Groove underlies the intricate writing, but several of the tunes on Trajectory stretch in an ethereal, dream-like fashion, as in “Ugly Bags of Mostly Water (I knew some people like that once…),” allowing the band to drift into beautiful floating expression as well. There is no shortage of virtuosity from Golia on his various woodwinds, particularly the saxophones, as well as from the rest of the band. Each band member is featured in a variety of contexts and shines with a remarkable range of soloistic expression. 

With Trajectory, The Vinny Golia Sextet makes a bold artistic statement that is both an arrival and a point of departure. The Sextet is an ongoing project with a huge catalog of unrecorded compositions, and this milestone double album hardly contains the complete picture: it’s a stop along the way for the visionary composer and his ensemble, as they push forward into the future. 

Trajectory is a collaboration between Nine Winds Records and Orenda Records. 

3.23.18 Burning Ghosts “Kakistocracy”


Daniel Rosenboom  Trumpet
Jake Vossler  Guitars
Richard Giddens  Bass
Aaron McLendon Drums


2. Sanctimony
3. Dig Thy Grave
4. Espionage
5. Resonance (For the Victims of American Gun Lust)
6. Ideology
7. Kakistocracy


We live in a Kakistocracy. This is music made for the resistance. 


“Progressive anger can blast down some ugly walls, and Burning Ghosts’ new recording shows how to do it without saying a word (or firing a shot)… If you’re wishing for this decade’s most potent way of declaring “We’re not gonna take it,” look no further.” —MetalJazz.com

“Burning Ghosts [is] one of the best bands to emerge from L.A. in years.” —Downtown Music Gallery (NYC) 

“Burning Ghosts, an L.A.-based fiery quartet that aims at today’s world injustices by verging on electric fusion genius to impress… If you’re the adventurous type, Burning Ghosts will make you spin with the immense force of their underground volleys. I trust this band will have all the attention they deserve to keep protesting with this quality.” —JazzTrail 

“Boxes be damned, classifying this as jazz- rock or jazz-metal is a waste of energy. It is simply what it is, which is great music… Marvelous.” –Jazz In Europe

Recorded December 2017 at Orenda Sound (Los Angeles, CA)
Sound Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom
All tracks except “Dig Thy Grave” composed by Daniel Rosenboom (ASCAP)
“Dig Thy Grave” composed by Jake Vossler (ASCAP)
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

© Burning Ghosts, 2018


3.20.18 Daren Burns “Interstellar Echoes”

Interstellar Echoes
with Craig Bunch

daren burns - interstellar echoes

Daren Burns compositions/6-string bass/echoplex digital pro/effects
Craig Bunch drum set

1. The Sun
2. Mercury
3. Venus
4. Earth
5. Mars
6. Jupiter
7. Saturn
8. Uranus
9. Neptune

“Interstellar Echoes” is a structured improvisation using the nine planets (sorry Pluto) as inspiration. Written by Daren Burns while on the road in 2010, it is a tribute to saxophonist John Coltrane and uses his landmark album “Interstellar Space”; which featured duets between his sax and the drums of Rashied Ali. This recording utilizes a six-string bass tuned: EADGBE and various effect pedals and the EDP looper and drumset. Keeping a similar instrumentation as Coltranes Interstellar album. Here it branches off into a variety of sounds and styles meant to evoke musical pictures of the various planets. Influenced by David Torn, John Coltrane, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, Robert Fripp , and various metal bands. “


Produced and mixed by Daren Burns

Recorded June 2015
Recorded and Engineered by Craig Bunch
Mastered by Wayne Peet @ Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith
Urban Nerds Records
Daren Burns
All Compositions by Daren Burns © 2018 Urban Nerds Publishing ASCAP  

© 2018 Urban Nerds Records, all rights reserved

9.28.17 Andrea Hammond “As Long As Love Will Last”

As Long As Love Will Last

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.02.18 AM

Andrea Hammond  voice, violin
Gary Fukushima  piano, organ
Brian McLaughlin  drums, percussion
Colin Burgess  bass
Gary Lee  guitar
Bob Hammond  guitar on Don’t Tell Me
Nate Light  bass on Don’t Tell Me


1. Secret Place
2. As Long as Love Will Last
3. Great Escape
4. Come to the River
5. Don’t Tell Me
6. A Simpler Time
7. Faithful
8. You Know Me Well
9. Catching Chase


This album is built upon an affection for the Midwest, and for the music we played as a family when I was a girl. Some of the songs reflect my memories of home, while others reach beyond the music and thoughts I had then, exploring new rhythms and contemplations on the continuing themes of my life. 

Recorded by Nolan Shaheed at Nolan Shaheed’s Recording Studio 
“Don’t Tell Me” was recorded by Curt Piar at Proving Ground Studio
Mixed, Mastered, and additional recording by Miles Senzaki at Grandma’s Dojo Studio 
Produced by Gary Fukushima
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

©2017 Andrea Hammond

10.13.16 The Argonauts “Here Come The Argonauts”

Here Come The Argonauts

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 1.48.22 AM

DB  guitar
Risa Takeda keyboards
3 ch bass
Marcos Fernandes drums


1. Creepy Crawlies
2. Let’s Dance Just Like We Did
3. The Essence
4. Ain’t Nothing New
5. Young Man Dies in the Holy Valley
6. Argo Dub
7. Burning Poppies
8. Jack and the Beanstalk
9. One For the Road


Produced and arranged by The Argonautts.
Recorded by Miho Miura at Rinky Dink Studios, Shimokitazawa.
Mixed and mastered by Shuji Kawase at Gumbo Studio.
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith


Here Come The Argonauts! is the debut release by this instrumental quartet who concocts a post rock blend of surf, dub and psychedelic music. At times garagey and at times bluesy, the guitar and keyboard take turns layering melodic riffs, noisy fragments and colorful textures over the steady and solid rhythms of the bass and drums. The Argonauts always remain raw and spontaneous whilst hurling themselves through the crashing waves of rockn’roll’s rougher waters.

The Argonauts played their first gig in July of 2015 and have since endeared listeners and fellow musicians alike with their capricious and energetic performances. The members’ backgrounds in improvised and experimental music give the band their malleable, unpredictable sound.

©2016 Accretions


3.6.16 Mike Baggetta “Spectre”

featuring Jerome Harris & Billy Mintz


MIKE BAGGETTA  guitar & live processing
JEROME HARRIS  acoustic bass guitar
BILLY MINTZ  drums + percussion

01. Second Prelude (Baggetta-Harris-Mintz) 
02. Spectre I (Baggetta) 
03. The Only Blues (Baggetta)
04. Passage (Baggetta) 
05. Spectre II (Baggetta) 
06. Nasty (Mintz) 
07. Leavin’ On Your Mind (Wlaker-Pierce)
08. Spectre III (Baggetta) 
09. War Orphans (Coleman)

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol
Produced by Mike Baggetta
Recorded & mixed by Aaron Nevezie at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY, October , 2015
Mastered by David Torn
Photos by Mike Baggetta & Peter Gannushkin
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith



“Guitarist Mike Baggetta has been recording for the past ten years, amassing a discography of distinction. His first release (in 2005) was with TIN/BAG, a duo with trumpeter Kris Tiner, and the pair have released four albums since then. He formed a quartet with saxophonist Jason Rigby, bassist Eivind Opsvik and drummer George Schuller, releasing four albums since 2009. Put in a solo recording and you have a substantial discography of a guitarist with a personal style.

Baggetta is not an in-your-face player, preferring to dole out thoughtful but dynamic phrases with an emphasis on melody and texture. While he uses effects to enhance his sound they are never the dominant force. He frequently distorts his lines through unique phrasing and subtle bending and scraping of strings. And he always seems to be seeking new avenues to explore.

Toward that end, he has recorded Spectre with a new trio of bassist Jerome Harris and drummer Billy Mintz. They’re well-chosen partners and the group really works as a unit. Baggetta is the main voice but Harris and Mintz are always in there helping to shape the material, occasionally merging into one. The general tone is one of pensive calm, yet there’s a questing search inherent in this music that takes it beyond mere subtlety.

“Passage”, the longest track here at 10+ minutes, feels like a distant cousin to “In A Silent Way” with an electronic underlay functioning like the electric pianos on that legendary Miles Davis track. “Leavin’ On Your Mind” (Patsy Cline’s last recording before her 1963 death in a plane crash) gets a gorgeous, free-flowing reading, which unfolds in kaleidoscopic fashion. And just so the listener doesn’t get too complacent, Mintz’ “Nasty” is delivered with snarling fuzz-drenched guitar. This trio is a new vein for Baggetta and Spectre shows it’s one that clearly deserves to be mined further.”

-Robert Iannapollo, The New York City Jazz Record (May 2015)

Mike Baggetta website

© 2016 Mike Baggetta

9.4.15 Darek Oleszkiewicz “Blues For Charlie”

Blues For Charlie




Law Years (Ornette Coleman)
Body And Soul (Johnny Green)
Blues For Charlie (Darek Oleszkiewicz)
First Song (Charlie Haden)
Solid Jackson! (Darek Oleszkiewicz)
Silence (Charlie Haden)
Pocket Full Of Cherry (Charlie Haden)
Modlitwa (Darek Oleszkiewicz)

Produced by Darek Oleszkiewicz
Editing and mastering by Maurice Gainen
Additional editing by Talley Sherwood
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

Darek Oleszkiewicz / USC website

© 2015 Darek Oleszkiewicz

7.7.15 Scott Jeppesen “Wonders” » Creative Bottle Music

Creative Bottle Music New Release


SCOTT JEPPESEN  tenor saxophone / melodica
JOSH NELSON  keyboards
BOB SHEPPARD  tenor saxophone (track 10)


Hanging Gardens (of Babylon)
The Marble Tomb (The Mausoleum At Halicarnassus)
Colossus (of Rhodes)
Last Man Standing (Great Pyramid of Giza)
A Guiding Light (Lighthouse Of Alexandria)
Big Daddy (Statue of Zeus At Olympia)
Pillars Of Sand
Artemis (Temple Of Artemis At Ephesus)

Produced by Bob Sheppard and Scott Jeppesen
Recorded and Mixed by Talley Sherwood at Tritone Recording
Mastered by Bob Boykin
Album Art + Design by Kio Griffith

Scott Jeppesen website

© 2015 Creative Bottle Music