6.12.19 GF3 “Preludes: Book 1”

Preludes: Book 1

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.53.53 AM

Gary Fukushima farrand upright piano, wurlitzer electric piano, yamaha electric grand piano, hammond organ, synths, cowbells
JP Maramba electric and acoustic bass
Miles Senzaki drums
Jens Kuross hammond organ, various percussion and effects pedals


Preludes, Book I

Prelude One (origin)
Prelude Two (el)
Prelude Three (5916)
Prelude Four (ghost)
Prelude Five (4b.)
Prelude Six (throne)


All Preludes composed by Gary Fukushima (Kushimafu Music, ASCAP)

Produced by Jens Kuross
Recorded and mixed by Miles Senzaki at Grandma’s Dojo, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Peter Doell at Aftermaster
Album Artwork and Design by Kio Griffith

© 2019 Kushimafu Music


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