5.26.20 Bruno Råberg, Jason Robinson, Bob Weiner / The Urgency Of Now

Bruno Råberg, Jason Robinson, Bob Weiner
The Urgency Of Now


Bruno Råberg – bass

Jason Robison – tenor and soprano saxophones, alto flute, percussion

Bob Weiner – percussion


1. Encounter                                     

2. Barbary Crossfade                        

3. Escape Velocity                            

4. For This Land (Bruno Råberg)    

5. Rotations                                       

6. Remembering Brother Yusef      

7. Endangered Speak Ease               

8. The Urgency of Now                    

9. Berlin Ballad (John Tchicai)        


All pieces by Bruno Råberg (Orbis Music/STIM Sweden), Jason Robinson (Circumvention Music/ASCAP), and Bob Weiner (BMI) except: For This Land (Bruno Råberg, Orbis Music/STIM Sweden) and Berlin Ballad (John Tchicai, KODA Denmark).

Recorded on July 26, 2017 and June 29, 2018 at Sound Sphere II, Lexington, Massachusetts

Recorded and mixed by Bruno Råberg

Mastered by Warren Amerman, Rotary Records, West Springfield, Massachusetts

Produced by Bruno Råberg, Jason Robinson, and Bob Weiner

Our sincerest thanks to Eric Hofbauer

Album Artwork and Design by Kio Griffith

Creative Nation CNM039




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