12.1.11 Cathy Segal-Garcia + Yoonseung Cho “Bohemian” CD » Dash Hoffman Records

Dash Hoffman Records New Release
Cathy Segal-Garcia + Yoonseung Cho

Cho’s message:  I get confused with this instrumentalist…this instrument makes me fly wherever I want to go without effort.

The control of my creativity was coming from her muscle, which authorizes to pass the mechanical  zone…I realized that was not an instrument…that was a most experienced, most trained and most organic muscle. The owner was Cathy Segal-Garcia, and I finally felt freedom from her…….july 17 2011 Seoul KOREA…..

Cho and I became friends through our dear friend, Joon Lee.  Soul to soul, we connect.  I love creating with him…he takes me by the hand, and allows me to be free…I’m so thankful~

I’d like to dedicate this recording to my sister Edie, who passed away in November of 2009.  My sisters were twins, and the other one died about 14 years ago now.  We 3 were very close, and it pains me to even write these words.  But I am blessed to still have my mom, Edie and Margy’s children and mates, grandchildren, and my delicious cousins…whom I realize I was extremely lucky to grow up with!  And of course, my husband and my step-daughters and son-in-laws!  As time passes, I realize how I relish my dear friends too…all across the planet…and I thank you all, for being a part of my life~ – Cathy Segal-Garcia


Produced and arranged by: Cathy Segal-Garcia and Yoonseung Cho

Recording Engineer and Studio:  John Leftwich;  November 2010
Recorded at Leftway Studios, Los Angeles


Cathy’s photos by Christopher Perez
Album Art + Design by: Kio Griffith

Cathy Segal-Garcia website

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